Throughout our lives we may compete for attention, for love, for jobs, and for attaining wealth and possessions. Some people believe that competition is healthy: it pushes us to be the best versions of ourselves. I do not share that belief. The urge to compete with one another comes from the ego’s need for excitement and control. In order to become the best versions of ourselves, I believe the ego needs to be silenced; we shall be filled with love, and our thoughts and actions shall come from the heart.

If we are able to learn to live from the heart, we will be able to get in touch with our higher selves, our eternal essence. And that is the true goal of spirituality. Spiritual life is not so much about knowing, it is more about loving. It is about opening our hearts and living from the heart to such a degree that eventually there is no such concept in our lives as “others”. We all become one.

In every moment of our lives we have a choice – the ego or the heart, dishonesty or truth, anger or joy, hate or love. When we live from the heart, we choose to live in love, happiness, and the truth. We begin to tap into the universal love which surrounds us. This love is the source of everything; it is the fabric that makes up our very existence. When we experience universal love, we understand all aspects of our existence and we see everything in harmony with everything else. This is the natural response of our hearts to the essence of all of life.


1. Let love guide you

In any situation, look for the response that is peaceful, loving, and free of stress. Put aside your fears and conditioned habits, and let love guide you. Even when things get tense, drop your instant emotional reaction, try to focus on love and to avoid drama.


2. Silence your mind

Meditation has long been practiced as a way to achieve calm and inner peace. It is one of the best ways to quiet the mind. With a little practice, you can cut out the ‘chatter’ and dismiss the thoughts as they enter your mind, one by one, until your mind is a clear slate.


3. Move from the mind into the heart space

Stop using your mind to constantly analyze, plan, organize, and figure everything out. As you let go of all of that mind activity, you are able to relax into presence and move into your heart space, where there is no trouble and no resistance, only stillness and love.


4. Love yourself
When it comes to love, you are included, too. Be good to yourself, forgive yourself, be honest, and treat yourself well. Live as stress-free a life as possible.


5. Live in the now
Spinning stories in your mind about things that have happened in the past and what might happen in the future takes you away from what is right here and right now. When you are stuck in your mind, it is impossible to be fully in touch with the love that is in your heart. Let your attention explore this very moment. Open your senses, open your heart, and live from there.


6. Become aware of the oneness of love
Treat others the way you would treat yourself – be loving, understanding, honest, and forgiving to others. When you meet another, you are actually meeting the essence of yourself. When you understand this, love is impossible to deny.


7. Don’t obsessively plan
In fact, only plan when absolutely necessary. Planning takes place in the mind, and when you realize how little planning you actually need, there is space to recognize that you are alive right now. And in that aliveness, let your heart glow.


8. Let go
When you live from the heart, you begin to be very honest with yourself. You may realize that certain situations or people are not in alignment with your highest good. You will see your own tendencies that no longer serve you. Cultivate detachment. Sometimes, the most loving response you can make is a kind but firm “No”.


9. Honor your personality quirks
As conditioning falls away, your natural gifts and inclinations have space to be expressed. Let your creativity flow in whatever way it wants to. Go where you are guided, learn what you want to learn, enjoy yourself in all your activities.


10. Listen to your inner voice
Live from intuition, not logic. Intuition is the voice of the higher self. It is the most objective perspective that there is – which always is in alignment with your highest good.


11. Explore your heart space
When you relax away from the ego, from the ‘chatter’, and from all your conditioned habits, you will discover stillness, a formless space that is clear, open, and inherently loving. Become familiar with this space, as it is the true essence of your existence. Listen and let it guide you.




10 Love-Filled Ways to Live From Your Heart by Gail Brenner

10 Love-Filled Ways to Live From Your Heart