by Anna Krecicki

Many of us feel that our lives are somehow accelerating, that there has been a multitude of life-altering events and a tremendous downpour of new frequencies coming at us at high speed. It appears that this is indeed a period of “accelerated ascension” when increased waves of light and codes of awakened consciousness are streaming onto the planet through the Sun and directly from Spirit.*

Some of us may feel puzzled and unsure about how to interpret these new energies, how to react, and how to remain open and positive during these intense times. The guidance comes in many forms, but rest assured, it always comes.

There are many signs, teachings, experiences, and guides around us that constantly remind us of just how powerful our thoughts and intentions really are, and that we have the wisdom and the ability to create our own reality. Ascension, enlightenment, transitioning, and instant manifestation are no longer terms for only a select few to participate in and understand. We all are part of the spiritual evolution.

We are infinite energy beings that are here on Earth to grow and evolve. As we awaken to our energetic potentials, we come to realize that we are blessed with the power of manifestation. In this time of many challenges and transitions, it is essential to use this blessing to create Light. During this period of immense energetic shifts, we are guided to hold the energy of the Divine, to raise our consciousness, and to awaken our divine Light within our physical form.

But there are many distractions and low frequency energies around us: disasters, conflicts, violence, and people filled with fear and anger. We are surrounded by events of hatred and lunacy, and also by people close to us who might be making life choices based on negative emotions. Our task is to take what is of low frequency and transform it into Light. It may not be easy to do, but we shall bless these events and people, and shall not lower and align our energies with theirs. We should be aware of what is happening in the world around us, but we must not focus our attention on the negative, on toxic people, and news of upheaval. We must not give power to these low frequency energies. Rather, we shall focus on our inner processes and the collective awakening of our higher consciousness.

We are powerful beings who can manifest events and opportunities for the highest good. We can decide for ourselves who we are and what we want in life. As we come into our power, we realize that we can manifest our own reality through our thoughts and intentions. We can create Light in the world simply by raising our own vibrations. If we fill ourselves with love and compassion, we then become the Light. And that is the highest purpose, I believe, we can serve.