The Armadillo Spirit Animal teaches us boundaries, protection, and empathy. According to the Manataka American Indian traditions, Brother Armadillo can show us when to let our defenses down and when to let others into our personal space; it can teach us to be always prepared to protect ourselves from potential threats; and it also reminds us to open up and expose our inner selves time to time. Armadillo’s medicine includes understanding our personal boundaries, respecting the boundaries of others, understanding our vulnerabilities, and the importance of being grounded and protected.

When Armadillo comes into your life:

  • You might be reminded to learn to guard your personal space.
  • It may be time to examine your boundaries or artificial limits placed on your abilities, time, or space.
  • You may be negligent of a persistent problem or avoiding issues.
  • Perhaps you are too paranoid, ‘hard-shelled’ or could be covering your feelings.
  • You may need to work harder at finding sustenance in your life to bring more spiritual awareness.

If Armadillo is your Spirit Guide:

  • You have clear boundaries and you allow entry into your personal space only when you want to.
  • You always sense what is safe and what is not.
  • You enjoy solitude but know when to open up to people and join others in social activities.

Ask Armadillo’s help when you feel that:

  • You have difficulty saying ‘no’ or are being taken for granted.
  • Someone is invading your personal space.
  • You need assistance to define your emotional and physical boundaries.

Did you know?

The armadillo (Spanish for “little armored one”) rolls into a tight ball when threatened to cover its vulnerable underside. Its leathery armored shell is made up by cartilage and bone, providing excellent protection. The armadillo is a territorial creature that regularly patrols its boundaries to sniff out intruders and potential threats. It is slow but persistent in its daily tasks and ignores most non-threatening activities around it. The armadillo makes burrows to sleep and have its young. As many of us may be painfully aware, the armadillo digs for its food, often tearing up lawns and gardens in its path. It has very poor eyesight, and uses its keen sense of smell to search for insects, grubs, etc underground. Cute as it may seem, the armadillo is a solitary dweller and does not have many friends.