In most cultures the bee symbolizes fertility, good luck, harmony, creativity, perseverance, dedication, and bliss. Bee is also a universal symbol of hard work – as represented by the common phrase “busy as a bee.” In Hinduism, the bee is associated with the God of Love, while in ancient Egypt, bees symbolized the highest degree of royalty. In Native American tradition, the Bee Spirit carries the message of wisdom hidden within beauty, strength, passion, endurance, cooperation, and of hope that what seems impossible may yet be achievable.

Bee reminds us to make our lives fruitful and to enjoy the nectar of our efforts. No matter how great the dream is, there is the promise of fulfillment if we pursue our dreams.


If Bee has flown into your life:

  • You might be guided to examine your daily habits and your productivity (mentally, physically, and spiritually). Are you doing all you can to make your life more fertile? Are you busy enough?
  • Bee inspires you to take a step back and question your way of life. Ask yourself whether you are balancing the work in your life with simple pleasures. Are you making time to savor the honey of life – the sweet moments and memories?
  • You might be encouraged to be more active and productive in your daily live and to give back to your community.


If Bee is your Spirit Guide:

  • You have the ability to accomplish the impossible over and over again.
  • You know how to enjoy the sweetness that life brings you and you understand the proper use of your own energy.
  • Your intentions are always focused on a clear path and goal in life.
  • You are self-sufficient, very focused, and a very hard worker.
  • You work best when you are working with others.


Ask Bee’s help when:

  • You need assistance in balancing your work life with rest and play.
  • You have new ideas and projects that need to be put into action.
  • You are seeking a community to belong to.
  • You feel you are shouldering heavy burdens and need a solution.



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Bee Symbolism & Meaning