In many cultures, Swan symbolizes grace, beauty, balance, acceptance, innocence, self-esteem, intuition, and commitment. Swan as an Animal Spirit Guide represents awakening to the power of self, understanding spiritual evolution, and developing intuitive abilities.

According to Native American tradition, Sister Swan gives a message of Grace and teaches us to yield to the rhythm of the Universe. Her natural, effortless beauty reminds us to move gently through the currents of life and not fight against them. Swan’s graceful entering into our life signals a time of altered states of awareness and the importance of going with the flow of life.


When Swan comes into your life:

  • You may be reminded to honor your commitments; respect what you have chosen and follow things through.
  • You may be encouraged to rely on your inner guidance, to pay attention to your hunches and gut instincts, and to honor your feminine, intuitive side.
  • You may be asked to accept your ability of knowing what lies ahead.
  • You may be reminded to allow your inner grace and beauty to shine forth for others to see.


If Swan is your Spirit Guide:

  • You are emotionally sensitive and empathic towards the feelings of others.
  • You have the inherent ability to sense the future and to accept change.
  • You tend to be completely monogamous in your relationships.
  • You know how to balance work, family, and play.
  • You recognize the value of personal solitude as a form of recharging your batteries.


Ask Swan’s help when you feel that:

  • You need assistance in accepting change and letting go.
  • You wish to invite new ways of thinking into your life.
  • You are struggling to comprehend your emotions without getting trapped by them.