by Anna Krecicki


It all started with a very special Shaman Lady. For years she has been giving away Selenite hearts as gifts in the spirit of healing and caring. She believes that Selenite carries a peaceful and protecting energy that has to be shared. A student of hers, who is also a dear friend of mine, was so inspired by the Shaman Lady’s kind actions, that she decided to start giving Selenite as a gift herself, to share the exceptional energies of this mineral with others. She felt that “everyone should have it”.

She told me one day that she’d like to purchase Selenite necklaces to give to people and asked me if I would make them for her. She explained that the sweet and loving energy of Selenite could help so many people, anyone really, but since it would probably be the most beneficial by being close to the person, she thought it would be best to wear it as a necklace. She said it’s an excellent way to have the Selenite with her at all times and when she meets someone who may benefit from its energy, she could give it to them right then and there.

Being aware of the many physical, metaphysical, and spiritual benefits of Selenite, which happens to be my very favorite crystal, I was eager to help!

Now she purchases Selenite necklaces by the bulk and when she crosses paths with somebody whom she feels should have one, she simply takes the necklace off and gives it to them. I can barely keep up making enough Selenite necklaces for her to give away, but I am honored to be part of “spreading the Selenite love”.

Within a few months, a great number of people have been wearing these Selenite necklaces. They all are part of the Selenite network we are building. Her intent is to give the necklaces to as many people as possible, growing the network and raising the vibrational frequencies of each and every person in it. Moreover, her generosity has inspired even more individuals to do the same and pass on the necklaces to others who could benefit from the healing energies of Selenite.

I now have many customers and friends who come to the studio to get Selenite necklaces for the sole purpose of giving them away as gifts. I feel blessed to be able to make them and know that they affect so many people’s lives –not only the lives of those who receive them, but also those who give them away. The vibration of giving, the pure spirit of love and hope, and just knowing that a simple Selenite necklace could help someone is what makes building this network so genuine.

The selfless and caring act of these kindhearted shaman ladies has touched many people’s souls and has encouraged them to pay it forward to others.