Black is most commonly associated with mourning, elegance, secrets, magic, and the Earth element.


Grounding, Protection, Self-Control, Fertile Soil, Earth Energies

CHALLENGES: Emptiness, Fear, Uncertainty, Depression, Grief, Apathy

CHAKRA: Root/Base and Earth Chakra


MINERALS: Jet, Shungite, Onyx, Black Tourmaline, Black Obsidian, Apache Tear, Petrified Wood, Black Agate, Black Kyanite, Boji Stone


Did you know?

Black is an achromatic color, meaning that it is literally a color “without color”. It is the absence of light: the result of the complete absorption of all light.

For centuries black cats have been considered symbols of bad luck and have been accused of being the spirits of witches (or actual witches in animal form).



Even though black is often associated with death, violence, magic, evil, and witchcraft, in Color Therapy it actually is a very beneficial, protecting color with strong grounding, stabilizing, and shielding properties.

Black absorbs negative energies, therefore it is most commonly used for protection. It is believed to provide a protective barrier that shields from harm and all sorts of negativity. Black can be utilized in different forms when applied in Color Healing. The most commonly used modalities include Crystal Therapy, Visualization, and Color Silk Therapy. Black crystals are often worn as talismans for protection.



Black represents calmness, rest, and renewal. It carries energies of potential for growth and new possibilities. The color black symbolizes the earth, from where all life springs and to where the dead are returned.

In Color Healing, black is often used for grounding. It is believed to increase our awareness of our physicality and immediate reality. Black may help with breaking free from bad habits or addictions; it can instill deep meditation and open deeper levels of the unconscious mind.

Those who are unsure about themselves and have low self esteem seem to be drawn to the color black and use it to protect and hide their true feelings. For them, black may represent comfort and provide a protective shield from the outside world. But having too much black around can be very depressing and it may promote pessimistic thinking.

A person who has an aversion to black may be afraid of the unknown, or have fear of the abuse of power.  He may desire to become free from all kinds of dependency, blockages, and addictions.



Dressing in black can make a bold statement of self-control and resilience; it can reflect a collected, centered, and grounded personality. Black clothing can suggest a sense of mystery, sending out a message: “Notice my presence, but do not invade my personal space!” Incorporate black in your wardrobe when you need to feel calm, in control, and grounded. Wearing all black clothes over long periods of time could be draining and depressing. Introduce a hint of color to reflect your personality.



Black in home decor can provide stark contrasts to showcase other colors used with it. It grounds chatter and commotion from the outside world to add calm and quiet to a space. Black reflects sophistication and elegance. It is mysterious, full of the divine feminine/Yin energies. Black is bold, protective, shielding, and strong. Do not use in excess, as too much black may bring a sense of emptiness and silence in your space where fears and depression can be amplified.



Healing with Crystals and Chakra Energies by Sue & Simon Lilly