wisdom . clarity . direction

Yellow is often associated with the sun, vitality, clarity, laughter, joy, delight, self-expression, intellect, and courage

yellow-bulk-rosesPOSITIVE ASPECTS:
Mental Clarity, Wisdom, Joy, Enthusiasm, Organization, Structure, Willpower, Confidence

Jealousy, Fear, Lack of Trust or Self-confidence, Nervousness, Depression, Cynicism, Anxiety

CHAKRA: Solar Plexus

Citrine, Amber, Tiger’s Eye, Yellow Tourmaline, Yellow Topaz, Yellow Calcite, Sunstone

Did You Know?
Yellow is the third of the seven colors in the visible spectrum of light, between green and orange. The wavelength of yellow light is approximately 570-590 nm on the electromagnetic spectrum.

(Also called Color Therapy or Chromotherapy) is the use of color as a healing tool to create balance and restore health in certain areas of the physical body as well as in the mental, emotional and spiritual areas. Yellow can be utilized in different forms when applied in Color Healing. The most commonly used modalities include Crystal Therapy, Visualization, Color Silk Therapy, and Colorpuncture.

The color yellow has an energizing and stimulating effect upon the body and mind, relieving depression, melancholy, and confusion. It helps strengthen the nerves and the mind. It can assist in awakening mental inspiration and stimulates a higher consciousness. Bring yellow in your life when you have: fear, anxiety, nervous exhaustion or break-down, confusion, panic attacks, inability to concentrate, lethargy and depression. Yellow is believed to be beneficial for conditions of the stomach, liver, and intestines. It can also strengthen a weak immune system and help with digestive difficulties. A person who has aversion to yellow may be emotionally disappointed, depressed, and bitter. They may have tendencies to rationalize feelings, or to avoid the depth of life by often changing relationships. They may have many superficial relationships and constantly changing interests and activities.

In times of lethargy and depression, wearing yellow can help the body and the emotions return to a state of balance. Incorporate yellow into your wardrobe when you feel sad, confused, indecisive, burnt-out, depressed, exhausted or nervous. Wearing yellow can imply a cheerful, energetic, organized, and practical personality.

The cheerful and uplifting yellow vibes always lighten and brighten any home or office, as well as create a cozy, welcoming feeling. Adding a bouquet of yellow flowers can bring warmth and light into your home and also inspire color therapy attributes on a budget.

Healing with Crystals and Chakra Energies by Sue & Simon Lilly