by Beth Brown-Rinella

With regard to recent events…

Our world seems somehow smaller than it used to be. Dreadful, real-time events play out on our TVs as if they were happening right down the street. Blood and gore are no longer hidden, and we are unable to stop fearing that this terror could happen to us, here, in our towns. While we grieve and might drift into fear-based places of hate, revenge, worry and chaos, we should not linger there. We must move past them.

Even if it might feel difficult at times like these, remember that Light always overcomes darkness.

Offer your blessings, healing, and Light to those affected to help prevent the suffering they could endure in the times to come. Practice active forgiveness. Forgive all involved in the actual crimes; forgive the leaders who offer up sacrifices in the name of God (or revenge); forgive those who unwittingly aid those involved (taxi drivers, landlords); forgive the governments with private agendas; forgive the prophets who espouse hate over love; forgive our forefathers for our involvement in countries not our own (let them figure it out); and forgive yourself for wanting to shut out humanity in exchange for personal protection (totally understandable). Forgive, forgive, forgive. And if you still feel sad, forgive some more. You could use blanket statements like, “I forgive all involved in every aspect of this situation from its inception to the ending.”

Actively seek inspiration. Do this not to avoid what is happening, but to refuse to give fear any more power. When we add our fear to the collective of energetic fear, we give it fuel. So listen to music that uplifts, watch movies that depict humanity in its simplicity, and read stories of giving and saving, loving and rebuilding. Spend time with loved ones who can cry and laugh with you; be the shoulder one can lean on and the voice of wisdom. Plant a garden, help another, bake a surprise cake for someone and see how that affects them. Be a giver, a dream-maker, a blessing to all.

Remember, light always triumphs over dark. Hold on to the Light. Be the Light. Share Love. Let go of fear. Support one another, for we are one.


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Creating Light during Times of Darkness