ATTRIBUTES: Enlightenment, Awareness, Intuition, Acceptance

ELEMENT: Wind, Earth

CHAKRA: Crown, Third Eye and Heart

MINED IN: Britain, Australia, India, Brazil




A powerful vibrational transmitter, Apophyllite conducts and enhances energies.

Apophyllite promotes inner peace and the ability to accept and release loss and emotional pain. It increases self-forgiveness and forgiveness of others. It also brings forth the awareness that the body is only temporary and a small part of the life of the soul. Apophyllite aids the practice of being present and living in the now. It enhances clear sight, stimulates intuition, and encourages acceptance.

This crystal is said to create a conscious connection between the physical and spiritual reams. It can be used to attune to these realms and to communicate with divine beings.

Apophyllite calms and grounds the spirit. It keeps a strong connection with the physical body during astral travel and it eases journeys into past lives.

It can assist in overcoming stress, anxieties, worries, fears, inner pressures, and uncertainty. Apophyllite encourages a calm attitude, tranquility, and honesty. A stone of truth, it helps us to be open and show our true selves without hiding anything. It removes pretenses, reserves, or a bad conscience. Apophyllite can help clear distracting thoughts and ego-based interpretations of events.

Apophyllite is believed to help with respiratory ailments, being particularly beneficial for asthma. It may stimulate regeneration of the skin and mucous membranes, and is said to be helpful with allergies.

Place as appropriate. When held to the chest, Apophyllite is said to stop asthma attacks. Single pyramids placed on each eye are believed to rejuvenate the eyes.

Meditating with Apophyllite can help you perceive the connectedness of all things in creation and your role in returning balance to the Earth. Place an Apophyllite pyramid on the Third Eye Chakra when channeling or meditating.

Green Apophyllite is believed to absorb and transmit universal energy. It stimulates the Heart Chakra. Green Apophyllite said to enhance our connection to Mother Nature and the communication with the plant and animal world. It carries the energy of rebirth, growth, and healing.

Apophyllite pyramids are powerful energizers. They enhance spiritual visions and help us tune into the higher frequencies of interdimensional and extraterrestrial domains. They activate the Third Eye Chakra and can be used for scrying*. These natural pyramids have the power of ‘preservation’ and they can be utilized to charge up other crystals and objects.


*SCRYING: Seeing images in a crystal that foretell the future or reveal secrets of the past.


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The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall