ATTRIBUTES: Mental Clarity, Cleansing, Purification


CHAKRAS: All (some color specific)

MINED: U.S., Britain, Australia, Germany, Peru, Mexico, Barzil, China






  • Cleanses and stabilizes the aura
  • Assists balance and coordination
  • Gently opens the door to the subconscious
  • Helps dissolve illusions and reveal the truth
  • Heightens intuitive powers and psychic abilities
  • Cleanses and aligns all the chakras
  • Grounds and integrates spiritual energies
  • Has a purifying and stabilizing effect.
  • Enhances the intellect and increases concentration
  • Effective against computer and electromagnetic stress


Fluorite is a highly protective and stabilizing stone, useful for grounding and harmonizing spiritual energy. It is believed to increase intuitive abilities, link the human mind to universal consciousness, and develop a connection to Spirit. Fluorite can anchor intuitive insights into the physical plane, allowing mental and physical coordination.

Fluorite heightens mental abilities, assisting in rapid organization and processing of information and can bring mental clarity and stability to an otherwise chaotic situation.  Fluorite absorbs negative energies from the environment and is effective at aura and chakra cleansing. Fluorite can also shield the user from psychic manipulation.

NOTE: Due to its powerful ability to absorb negative energies, Fluorite should be cleansed often.


Fluorite is a powerful healing tool. Physically, Fluorite is known to strengthen bones and teeth, and ease the pain associated with arthritis. It is said to regenerate the skin and speed up the healing of ulcers and wounds. It can be used for colds, flu, and sinusitis. Fluorite is believed to enhance mental functions by balancing the chemistry in the brain.


Hold or wear as appropriate. For pain relief, stroke a wand or smooth piece of Fluorite across affected area towards the heart. Place a specimen of Fluorite in a room to remove stagnant energy and/or block geopathic stress*. Place in front of computer to block electromagnetic smog*.




Clear Fluorite aligns all the chakras, energizes the aura, and helps you see what is holding you back in your spiritual evolution. In meditation, it stimulates the Crown Chakra and allows universal energy to enter into the physical body. Clear Fluorite can assist in harmonizing the intellect with the Spirit.


Purple Fluorite stimulates the Third Eye Chakra and brings a common sense understanding to intuitions and psychic communication. It is an excellent meditation stone. Use Purple Fluorite when you want to focus on the expression of Spirit, and communicate precisely its messages.


The calm, serene energy of Blue Fluorite brings inner peace. When used with the Third Eye Chakra, Blue Fluorite can bring spiritual awaking and clear communication between the physical and spiritual planes. Used with the Throat Chakra, it enhances clear communication of intuitive insights.


Green Fluorite grounds and absorbs excess energy, including environmental energies. Green Fluorite aids in accessing the subconscious mind and helps dissipate emotional trauma.


Yellow Fluorite supports intellectual activities. It can bring understanding and manifestation to intuitions. A stone of unity, Yellow Fluorite harmonizes group energy and enhances creativity. It is an excellent detox stone!
The Book of Stones by Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian
The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall