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NOTE from the Editor

While I was finalizing the pages of the March 2017 issue, I realized that I needed some time off. I decided to put a hold on White Lotus Magazine for a little while. After the printing and distribution of the April/May 2017 issue, I’ve taken a sabbatical.

It is not the end of White Lotus Magazine! I just needed a mental recharge and some time away from the challenging task of creating and self-publishing this magazine month after month.

During this well-needed break I will also restructure the publishing of the magazine. The constant deadlines and the month-to-month printing schedules put too much pressure on me and created stressful circumstances for an otherwise joyful journey.

In order to keep the financial and mental pressures at bay, White Lotus Magazine will no longer be a monthly publication. I am considering a more relaxed, bimonthly or quarterly printing schedule after the break, or maybe going online entirely and creating only a digital version of the magazine that our readers can download to their computers or mobile devices to view.

My goal is to return White Lotus Magazine to what my original vision was: creating and sharing a quality publication that inspires and raises vibrations – but without the competitive, high-pressure environment of magazine publishing.

In the meantime, please visit our Archives page to browse through previous articles that you may have missed and find inspiration for conscious living in past issues of White Lotus Magazine.