andrea_beloff_water_of_lifeCan we find hope, strength, motivation and healing through the arts? Andrea Beloff invites you to use painting to promote emotional healing, set intentions into motion, address soul wounds and find alternate ways to nurture these through the creative process of art, an interactive process, because it is in sharing that we find healing.

While still in California, Andrea used her art for emotional and spiritual healing and developed her first and very popular workshop, PAINT YOUR HEART OUT. Here you go within and bring out some of the more pressing matters of the heart, be that the loss of a loved one, emotional pain, rejection, abandonment to name a few and we work through them so they do not remain buried. The goal is to become more self aware and heal along the way.  When we are clear what needs to be addressed, the artistic and energetic process begins. You do not need to know how to paint. The art is a take home project that can be worked on more and that is a continuous reminder of what stage of healing you are at. There are projects for children as well such as the PEACE OUT workshop which promotes inner and world peace. DANCE AWAY for women enhances self esteem issues. NURTURING the SOUL for uncovering recurring triggers and healing these soul wounds in the process. Andrea recommends an initial 30 minute consultation for determining the best approach for each person in healing through art.

andrea_beloffAndrea is also available to lecture on this process. If you are interested or if you have a group, Andrea is ready.  She also offers 6 week Workshops from Rick Warren’s video studies on 40 Days of Love (We are Made for Relating) and The Six Stages of Faith. These particular ones are her favorite and also include painting the different themes so the inspiration is built in for the artwork. This has been a fascinating journey for Andrea and she is thrilled to share it with the community.




ANDREA BELOFF is an American-born artist with a unique background of Argentinean, Brazilian, Russian and Italian influences. She spent 28 years in California, graduated from UCSB and attended L’Accademia di Belle Arti in Venice, Italy. She fully developed her career as a Papermaker during this time specializing in a very creative collaging process in a tropical genre. Before moving to Miami in 2012, she began a Sabbatical which set her off exploring and combining other mediums along with her handmade papers and this led to the beautiful LOVE and Abundance Series which can be seen in her Gallery. This was an artistic as well as a spiritual rebirth that then took her onto her new path and here to Naples, painting abstract expressionism using palette knives with spiritual undertones.

Andrea welcomes you to her new Gallery/Studio space in the Naples Art District, 5760 Shirley St. #20. Gallery hours during the school year are Monday through Friday, 8-3pm, Saturday by appointment and also at the Art Gallery Co-Op at the Vanderbilt Shoppes. Summers are more relaxed.