by Beth Brown-Rinella

The word “Goddess” brings different ideas to everyone. For some, the Goddess may evoke images of mythical deities, like Aphrodite, Pele, Lakshmi, Diana or Isis. For others, it may be screen goddesses like Sophia Loren, Marilyn Monroe or Angelina Jolie, or some other feminine idol. For me, the Goddess is very personal. The Goddess in my heart has MY face, MY ideals, and holds MY power.

The Goddess is a creative force and a strength that takes on many forms. It is a feminine energy that can be drawn from at any time, by everyone. The Goddess is right there next to God. She is the feminine version of the Source. She carries the softer, maternal energies and creates the balance that we all need. The Goddess is also a warrior energy that will not put up with nonsense. The Goddess energy is all that you need to help move you through life’s challenges.

It’s an energy that says, “You go for it!  What’s stopping you, but you? Don’t be afraid to take chances!” It’s a strength that doesn’t allow for abuse, belittling words, gossip, and unkindness. It is a vibration that brings forth ethics, right living, and taking the high road. It is like a pool from which we can drink and pull strength, power, and nurturing whenever we feel put down by life or someone else. This Goddess energy is available at all times, by everyone – male and female – whenever it is needed.

When you need a bit of Goddess energy, meditate, dance, sing out loud, write in a journal, ask for assistance through prayer, or take a long walk. All of these activities can make you feel better. They may not solve your problem, but they can offer you clarity, insight, or an open space to draw in what you need. The Goddess energy is an opening to energies readily available to you.

I feel that simply by thinking about how the Goddess resides within me, I get clearer information. It’s as if I am mentally walking on a road with a fork and the path to the left is the Goddess path, the path to the right is where I have been stuck. If I go to the left, answers come easily and will make sense.  If I stay on the road I was already on, the situation stays muddied, unclear, stagnant, and stuck. After so many years of walking in this way, the choice becomes easy.

The Goddess force is so present, so alive in our energies when we awaken her and invite her to come and stand with us in this life that we find our path to be clearer, more potent, and meaningful.

To awaken the Goddess in you or to spend meaningful time allowing the energies of the Goddess to pour through you is very simple. You can set up an altar with a Goddess statue, flowers, candles, anointing water or essential oils. These will help you to focus on calling in the Goddess. Spend time in meditation, getting centered and balanced. It doesn’t take long as she isn’t far. In truth, she is within you: you are Goddess. Not ‘a’ goddess, simply Goddess.

Another wonderful way to connect with the Goddess energy is through oracle cards. These differ from Tarot cards in that each oracle card has a message written on it. You can select a Goddess deck (there are many to choose from) and pull a card each day with a message from Goddess to you. Place the card on your altar or a special place where you will see it throughout your day. Know that the messages are usually spot on for what you have going on in your life. They are a daily source of fun and awe.

Bring the Goddess into your daily life. Draw from her strength, power, and wisdom.  Know that you hold these energies within you. Honor them and feel honored by them.  You are Goddess!



Beth is the owner of Goddess I AM Healing & Art Center in Naples, Fl. She is available for appointments by calling 239-228-6949. Long distance and in-person readings are available. Visit