by Beth Brown-Rinella

I am genuinely enraptured by the shifting of energies that is happening all around us. Many of us feel these huge shifts and have to adjust constantly to stay afloat — emotionally and mentally. Some of us are experiencing physical symptoms as energies long held by the body are finally releasing. While these shifting energies seem to have become the norm in the last few years, there are so many blessings to still learn in this.

Going with the flow has never been so necessary: ride these waves of shifting energies like a Spiritual Surfer, going up and down with the pull of energies. See them move, and move with them. Make this a practice in your meditations. Feel the energy moving and flow with it: this way and that way – as if you were dancing in the stream of energies.

Trust that all is well, that everything you are feeling is legitimate. A truth once held by you is now being moved out of your energy field. Let it go. There is no need to ponder, question, worry about, or obsess over. Just go with the flow. These old beliefs or patterns are like the cookies in your computer, they hold information that was tapped into, but now they can be deleted. Let the deletion of old energies happen with ease and grace.  Fluidly and succinctly let the shifts flow. This may feel uncomfortable at first, but by staying grounded and rooted into the Earth, you will become the willow – bending but not breaking in the gale force winds all around you.

Truly, these shifting energies are for the highest good of humanity. We asked for this! We wished for less war, less strife, less pain – it may not seem like it now, but we are on our way! We asked for the Garden of Eden, and that is where we are headed. We asked for a deeper connection to the Higher Powers, and it is happening. We can connect to the Divine so much easier than ever before. We can tap into and use our intuitive powers so much faster and more effortlessly. We are embodying our Spirit-selves more and more. This is because of the shifting energies.

When we go with the flow, we open ourselves to the healing that is being offered to us by these new energies. When we recognize that the shifting energies bring us higher and closer to Spirit, they will become easier to accept as part of our divine healing in the matrix of life.