electro_therapy4Ground-breaking technology now available in Naples – offering safe, non-intrusive health and beauty solutions


Could a flatter tummy and tighter skin be achieved with the help of tiny, health-enhancing electrical impulses during an innovative therapy that can improve circulation, provide detoxification, rejuvenate the skin, strengthen and tone muscles, alleviate pain, and also allow for deep relaxation in a single 30-minute session?



BIOSTIMULATION is a form of Electrotherapy that utilizes electrical impulses to rejuvenate and to reshape the body. It uses advanced microtechnology that electrically stimulates the muscles through the skin. The therapy can be applied for purposes of muscle toning, beauty treatments, passive exercise, and as a form of physical therapy.

Biostimulation may be a ground-breaking therapy, but the concept of electrotherapy is nothing new: the use of electricity for treating pain and disease has been practiced, experimented with, and refined for over a century. Electrical devices have for long been used in both the medical and alternative fields for pain relief and healing.

By stimulating a nerve or muscle, electrotherapy is believed to have the power to reduce pain using low or high voltage, or alternating current. According to Rajendra Menen, the author of Nature Cure, electrical stimulation has been proven to be effective for the treatment of both acute and chronic pains. The process is said to help relieve muscle spasms and promote the release of endorphins, which are natural painkillers produced by the body.* Several websites on pain management report that electrical stimulation may even directly block transmission of pain signals along nerves.**

Different forms of electrical stimulation have also been widely used in rehabilitation for strengthening muscles. Many professional athletes use electrical muscle stimulators to help supplement their fitness exercise routines or as a means of maintenance when they are unable to work out because of muscle injury or lack of time.

Biostimulation is a revolutionary therapy — in the sense that it combines many different treatments in one device. It not only offers muscle toning and pain relief, like common electrical stimulators, but it also provides many health and beauty benefits such as detoxification, lymphatic drainage, tissue repair, improved circulation, dermal rejuvenation, cellulite reduction, body sculpting, and weight loss.

How does it work?
Many functions of the body are controlled by neurological electrical impulses. These impulses are transmitted naturally by the brain to specific organs. Biostimulation therapy simply imitates each one of these specific impulses in order to produce a range of different results, including muscle toning, alleviating pain, cellulite reduction, slimming, non surgical face-lift, and many more.

The device fires electrical impulses (that reach the body through adhesive pads attached to the skin) that imitate the way the body reacts to working out.  These electrical impulses simulate the natural impulses to make the muscles contract and relax in a pattern similar to normal exercise, but with a lower risk of strain or fatigue. The electrical impulses, delivered in a series of biologically coded frequencies, instantly access the different body areas: skin, fat, muscle, connective tissue, the circulatory and lymphatic systems. Each area is stimulated instantly and effectively to slim, tighten, tone, lift, firm, shape and rejuvenate.

The combination of the unique electrical signal and the intensive deep rotation of frequencies activates muscle groups which usually cannot be reached with regular exercise, and assist in tightening, toning, and stimulating the treated area, providing immediate body sculpting results and long-lasting health benefits.

Biostimulation therapy is new to SW Florida, but it has been broadly and successfully used in Europe in spas and health centers. Now you can be one of the first in Naples to try this very promising technology, available only at the Salt Cave! (4962 Tamiami Tr. N. Naples, Fl ph: 239-403-9170)   www.saltcavenaples.com

This article is proposed for informative purposes only. It is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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