by Barbara Cook

It is not the events on our life’s journey that make the difference between us being a victim or a hero. It is how we respond to them. The tunnel of fear is no more real than the light of hope.

It is how we choose to see it.  Choice is our greatest power. Most of us minimize our choice by someone else’s definitions of what is possible. As a result, other people’s probabilities become our only possibilities.

When contemporary medicine of drugs and surgeries says that is all that they can do, please be informed that, it does not mean that is all anyone can do. There are many healing modalities out there that are available and effective. The Science of Nature heals and I have witnessed this in my experience many times. The mind is the healer; and the body will follow.

I had a client who came to me for assistance with pre-diagnosed cancer at the far end of her illness. She was not doing very well but in just a few hours of Light Medicine, her body began to heal. By cleaning the toxins out of the body, purifying the blood, and nourishing the cells, her body became stable and she regained vitality. She started going for walks again and began eating normally. She regained her strength and vigor each day. She visited me often and was full of hope and gratitude for having another chance.

A few weeks passed and she went back to her home town in another state. The hospital called her in to see how bad she had become while she was away, as they had warned her it would not be good for her to leave their care. She was an absolutely different patient on her return than she had been when she left. They found her condition unbelievable and ordered new tests. Although this woman was a walking miracle and had not been sick or tired or ailing in any way for weeks, the reports came back and said that nothing had changed. She was told she would have only 3 weeks left to live and to get her things in order.

So, rather than making her own choice to survive, as she was already living happily and pain free, she became instantly ill again. She went to bed and passed exactly as her hospital team ‘instructed’.

The choice, even when there appears to be no choice, is how we wish to see the possibilities.