By Beth Brown-Rinella
I believe that because you are here and breathing, you are worthy, loveable, valuable, and powerful! You are not broken, a mistake, a failure or any other ‘not enough belief’ that you may hold about yourself. Look within to see the magnificent, amazing being that you truly are! Seek to rediscover that God/Goddess sparkle that is your natural self. How? By meditating: by choosing to see the miracle that you are, by being vigilant with your thoughts.

Release the negative thoughts by replacing them with opposite, positive thoughts. Unwind the bindings of useless and untrue words that make you feel “less than”. Let go of the chains placed there by those who were unaware of the power of their words when they said you weren’t pretty, or talented, or smart or good enough. They created a link in a chain of self-denial. When you deny who you truly are — a miracle — you struggle in lots of small and large ways.

Begin today to embrace your personal flavor of being awesome! No more belittling that which was created so spectacularly by the Source! Look in the mirror at the face of a God/Goddess. Yes, you can! Yes, you are! Embrace yourself, the scared little person who is desperate to come out, and place the mantle of self-love upon your shoulders. Be ready for the evolution of being awesome! Embrace the Goddess within; embrace the God within; embrace the Divine within — in whichever way you choose to see yourself. Embrace and hold on to the understanding that “you are enough”!

Now go out and save the world!


If you need help getting started with this, I am a healer who heals past life wounds and can lovingly assist in person or long-distance by phone. Call 239-228-6949 to make an appointment.

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Beth is the owner of Goddess I AM Healing & Art Center in Naples, Fl. She is available for appointments by calling 239-228-6949. Long distance and in-person readings are available. Visit