by Beth Brown-Rinella

Many of you may find meditation difficult, but if you read on, you might discover great value here. Did you know that even a two-minute meditation raises cognitive function in the brain? Meditation has long been practiced as a way to achieve calm and inner peace, and its health benefits have been well documented. Studies show that meditation increases focus and attention, relieves symptoms of depression and anxiety, lowers heart rate, and reduces stress hormone levels – just to name a few. If you meditate, you will see the cumulative effect of lowered stress day after day in your body and emotions. This can be measured in your blood pressure numbers and your ability to deal with others.

I love meditation! I am an advocate and a teacher of Guided Meditation as a spiritual practice, as a mental health practice, and as a “How the Heck Do I Survive this Crazy World” aka stress reduction practice.

I am a Spiritual being – and that is the platform from which I conduct my life. As a person paying attention to the energies around me and my reactions to them, I see the vast difference in how I navigate this world when I have meditated vs when I haven’t. I realize that I am calmer and easier about issues when they arise, and I don’t rush to def-con 5 if someone calls in sick or says something nasty. The edges are smoothed down and I roll with things. This means that I don’t get stressed when someone or something throws a monkey wrench in my day.

Another wonderful effect of meditation for me is that I become more compassionate and see the bigger picture. I move into my heart space and that brings me peace and joy more easily. When I see others struggle, I send them love. I feel more connected to this world and all who live in it.  Meditation connects me to what is most important: LOVE. When I connect to this vibration of love, I feel it in all aspects of my life. I have no need to watch the harshness of the news or read about all the exploitation and degradation of human beings and animals. I sort out the ugly, encourage the kind, and cancel the addiction to ego. It helps me to move into my best self

If you wish to meditate but are not ready to join a group, go to YouTube and type in “Guided Meditation 5 minutes” and see what you resonate with. Listen to the voice and if it appeals to you, keep going.  You CAN do this! It is easier than you think or have thought in the past.

At my shop, Goddess I Am, we offer only Guided Meditation, because I feel it is far easier to do than TM (Transcendental Meditation), and it serves all levels of meditators. I find that, when in a Guided Meditation, one can get to that blissful healing space far easier and deeper than any other type of mediation. I love when newbies come to a class, afraid they can’t do it, because they tried before and failed, and still have a successful meditation. It is wondrous to see them light up and feel so much better and connected. The stress just pours out of them and their smiles are huge!

We offer three meditations per week with three different teachers. We offer different techniques and move the energies in different ways. But we all travel on the Path of Love and inspire you to find the healing within. We are healers and navigate the energies of the Universe, Multiverse, Dimensions, and the Time/Space Continuum with ease. We also like to select an Oracle deck for each person to pull a card for a personal message. We share and offer community. As you become part of our tribe, you will feel the love and acceptance that coming to our classes provides.

So whatever way you choose to meditate, enjoy the benefits of lowered stress levels and deeper happiness within. After all, aren’t we all just wanting to be loved? Let it begin within, and you will never be without it.


Beth is the owner of Goddess I AM Healing & Art Center in Naples, Fl. She is available for appointments by calling 239-228-6949. Long distance and in-person readings are available. Visit