By Alfred Cormier, Doctor of Oriental Medicine


Around 700 B.C., a medical book was compiled by the Chinese called ‘Miraculous Pivot’. In the seventh chapter, there are two acupuncture needle techniques described, which have become my favorites. The first is called ‘Joint Puncture’. The needle is placed within ligament and tendon tissue around joints to treat rheumatism and the liver. The second technique is called ‘Shu Point Puncture’, in which the needle touches bone to treat osteal pain and the kidneys.

By combining these two methods, the acupuncture needle is placed into ligament and tendon tissue and touches bone. I have created a term to describe this combination, PROLOPUNCTURE, and have held the copyright for that word since 2010 when I wrote my website, PROLOPUNCTURE.COM.

This style of acupuncture is ancient; I certainly did not make it up. However, modern research since the 1920s has confirmed that this form of acupuncture causes repair of weakened ligament and tendon tissue. Loose ligaments and tendons are a primary cause of arthritis and chronic pain, which lead to aging and disability. From the Chinese medical perspective, weak ligament and tendon is a sign of low liver and kidney function. So PROLOPUNCTURE is the best way to strengthen the liver and kidneys with acupuncture.

The science behind PROLOPUNCTURE is simple and elegant. Ligaments and tendons attach to bones at a place known as the fibro-osseous junction or enthesis. The collagen fibers of ligament and tendon tissue meld into a thin layer of fibrocartilage and then onto the periosteum of bone. This area becomes a tight weld and there is no room for blood vessels. Without blood vessels, the area is poorly nourished and is immuno-compromised. When wear and tear or traumatic injuries damage this junction, it usually does not heal properly. The weakened ligament and tendon tissue nerves become super sensitive when this weakness is present, leading to the release of cytokines and substance P which cause chronic pain. This triggers a guarding or splinting mechanism in the surrounding muscles which become tight all the time. The tight muscles proceed to joint stiffness, pain, disability, fatigue, depression, cartilage breakdown, bone spur formation and old age.

PROLOPUNCTURE will relax the tight bands of muscle, and draw blood into the poorly nourished enthesis. Within the blood are macrophages which clear damaged tissue while releasing growth factors. The growth factors draw adult stem cells to the area for tissue repair. PROLOPUNCTURE will also strengthen the liver and kidneys which will create a more healthy blood supply to the entire body. With stronger ligaments, tendons, kidneys and liver, PROLOPUNCTURE will reverse the aging process. This cannot be done with pharmaceutical drugs, manipulation, exercise, massage or splints. A needle is required to reach the under-nourished fibro-osseous junction to draw blood into the injury.

Chinese medicine is based upon guarding the three treasures, which are vitality, energy and spirit. PROLOPUNCTURE guards the vitality by helping the liver and kidney functions; it guards energy by releasing the tight muscles around weakened joints; it guards spirit by relieving the stress and depression caused by chronic pain.

Chinese philosophy is based on the oldest book called the I Ching, which explains the yin and yang forces which balance each other in nature. PROLOPUNCTURE balances the sympathetic and parasymypathetic nervous systems around joints leading to proper function. Chinese philosophy is also based on Taoism which holds compassion, simplicity, and humility as the highest virtues. PROLOPUNCTURE uses a simple and humble needle to compassionately restore health and reverse aging.

If you would like to learn more about PROLOPUNCTURE, please visit my website at PROLOPUNCTURE.COM.

Dr. Alred Cormier attended Loyola College in Baltimore, MD where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. He went on to Emperor’s College of Oriental Medicine in Santa Monica, CA to receive his Medical Degree in Oriental Medicine. He graduated with a 3.98 GPA, Summa Cum Lade. Since his graduation he has studied InjectionTherapies from all over the world. He has practiced in Naples, FL since 2000.

He is located in Liberty Plaza, 4947 Tamiami Trail North, Suite 206.  (South of Pine Ridge Road and the Hilton Hotel, on the west side opposite Outback Steak House) Office hours by appointment only: Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm. Call 239-530-3997.