wlm_nov_with_bleed_csongiIt is not necessary to feel or to see the energy in order to perform any healing. However, since most people can learn to see the energy within a few minutes, why not try it? Personally, I don’t use this ability when I work one-on-one with my clients although I may take a quick glance at them when I see them the first time. However, this is one of those abilities that helps the visualization process when performing long-distance healing (LDH). It is also quite cool to see the auras at some special events or occasions, such as looking at the singers’ energy at the opera or the actors’ energy at the theater. When they are at their very best, you can literally see a bubble coming out of the top of their heads!

For the first exercise, choose a calm and plain background. It is best if it is a one-color wall indoors, with lighting that is not too bright. Some people prefer white while others like darker colors. You will find your favorite as well. Facing the bare wall, lift your straight arms, with the elbows slightly bent, to eye level. The palms of the hands should face you, fingers spread, with 20the fingertips pointing at each other. Leave about 4” of distance between them. You will need some concentration at this point: focus your eyes at the area between the fingertips of the middle fingers (sure, you can choose any other two fingers, but these are the longest and thus the most convenient ones to look at). Don’t look at the fingers and don’t look at the background. Your focus should be entirely on the area between the fingertips of the middle fingers. What do you see? Can you see the connection between the fingertips? 21At first, it will be very faint, but the more you focus on the exact distance and the area between the fingertips, without glancing to the wall or the fingers themselves, the clearer it will become. Is it a bit hazy, watery, foggy, misty, or smoky? Does it resemble the air above hot asphalt in the summertime? Whichever it reminds you of the most, it doesn’t matter. Either way, you are seeing it!

About 90 percent of people can see this in their first try. If you don’t see anything, you have to adjust your focus or change the background or the lighting.

Once you can see the connection between the two fingers, you may try to see it between all of them. All it takes is adjusting your focus so you have all the fingers in your sight. What happens when you move one hand up and down an inch or two? Can you see the connections moving as well?

22-1Now keep the left hand up as before with the fingers spread and only the forefinger of the right hand pointing at the forefinger of the left. First establish the same vision as before: see the connection between the two forefingers. Now move the right forefinger slowly down. You’ll see how it connects first to the l22-2eft middle finger, then the ring finger, and finally the pinky. If the distance is far enough, it will keep the connection with all the fingers!

23Look at the right forefinger by itself. Keep it at arm’s length, eye level and pointing up. You have to adjust your sight to look at the area around the forefinger, without concentrating on the background (which is still a plain wall). Your focus is not on the finger, but around it. Can you see the haziness around the finger? If you move your focal point to be the top of the finger, right above the fingertip, the density will be a bit different. Can you see it? It is a little bit thicker and brighter, almost resembling a funnel. This little tornado shape comes from the energy center of the fingertip, which is also known as a Chakra.

The term chakra comes from India, and it refers to the energy centers of the body. There are seven major chakras around the midline of the body and twenty-one secondary chakras elsewhere. Additionally, each fingertip and toe-tip is a mini chakra. Some other theories count nine or even eleven major chakras. We won’t get into a discussion about these—let the scientists decide. It is not necessary to know the exact location or number of chakras in order to perform healing. It is a nice exercise to try to see them though, so let’s see the crown chakra for our next exercise.

24Have a friend stand against the same plain wall you have been using. Stand about ten feet or more in front of him. Look at the area right above his head. In a similar fashion as looking at the fingertip, try not to look at the wall or at your friend. Your focus should be on the area (and distance) right above the head. Can you see the same haziness as you saw above your finger? It is obviously bigger and brighter. You may see the funnel shape easier as well. It may appear to be like a shadow, so to remove all doubt, try the next simple exercise.

Tell your friend to visualize the happiest moment of his life, and watch what happens. The aura above his head starts to rise! It may not appear all straight or perfect. It may even pull to one side. However, it will be super bright and happy. As mentioned before, try this exercise at the theater or the opera. You will be blown away by the size of the energy bubble above the singers’ or actors’ heads!

If you want to see more drastic changes, tell your friend to think of the saddest moment of his life. The aura may darken and shrivel up to almost nothing.

You can practice seeing the energy around just about anyone. You will also see big differences at various locations from restaurants, schools, court rooms, theater, to public transportation, airports, and so on. Some of you may develop a keen eye for the aura and may choose to rely on your vision to perform the energy diagnoses, but most people are quite happy with just feeling the energy.


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Csongor Daniel has more than a quarter of a century’s experience in bioenergy healing. Starting with a gift but no healing knowledge while an engineering student at the age of 21, he went through the full spectrum of education, from self-learning to studying with one of the world’s foremost healers, Zdenko Domancic. Fresh out of college, he managed to work on 30 people a day within the first three months of his practice. In the United States since 1991, Csongor (pronounced Chongor) has published two books on bioenergy healing and a T’ai Chi double DVD set to share his knowledge. His acclaimed light and humorous lectures, both in the States and internationally, continue to expand the number of his followers and the advocates of this simple yet powerful healing method. Csongor’s books and videos as well as online lectures are available at