Note from the Editor:

We shared the story of “Building a Selenite Network in the September 2015 issue of White Lotus Magazine. The response from our readers was heart-warming, and the article seemed to have motivated others to share their stories of Selenite with us. I was inspired to publish some of these stories and call them “Selenite Transformations”.

This is one of the stories:


Dear Shamama,

I hope you’ll remember me. I met you a few weeks ago at Michael’s, the crafts store. I was your cashier and when I complimented you on your stunning necklace you shocked me by taking it off and placing it over my head. That was incredibly generous of you and I wanted to thank you again.

I’ve been wearing the necklace almost every day. I love it so much. The beauty of it alone, is plenty enough reason to wear it, but I wanted to let you know that you gave me SO much more than an aesthetic piece to wear and admire. 

I catch myself looking and noticing the stone several times a day, and it always makes me smile. I think of how you gave me this precious gift, and it makes me feel so grateful. Your stone is a daily reminder to me to think of all of the good that has come, and all of the good that is on its way, and most importantly, to be grateful for all that goodness. It reminds me that I never know what wonderful and unexpected people and opportunities will show up next.

Thank you, so much for sharing your light with me. I am so grateful.

With so much gratitude, love, and light,