by Beth Brown-Rinella


During this last very powerful full moon I realized, again, how important it is to take care of ourselves in times of celestial influences. Are you feeling emotional? Are you feeling drained? Are you experiencing a lot of funky things coming up? You are NOT alone! The effects of the moon stages on our bodies and emotions have been continuously studied, extensively researched, questioned and often doubted — yet many of us strongly believe that they are real. So what can we do about them? How can we care for ourselves during these times?

You can begin with clearing up some unwanted energies you may be carrying. Cleanse your body and mind with the amazing Purification Soap from Gaia’s Healing Gifts ($5 – we carry it at Goddess I AM) or add a cup of sea salt to a bath and let the energies float away.

Burn incense. Select Frankincense alone or together with Myrrh to dispel negative energies and purify your space. Patchouli is also a great incense when grounding is necessary.

We have a saying at Goddess I Am: “Go Smudge Yourself!!” Literally, smudge yourself when feeling emotional, drained, or overwhelmed. Then smudge your home and work area, include your car, and even walk the perimeters of your property to release negative energies and to build and protect the positive energies that you live within.

Use Frankincense essential oil on your body to mitigate virus, bacteria, and dense energies. I add it to my body oil, lotion, and inhaler as well.
Meditate! Meditation is vital and necessary to navigating through these energetic times. We need to bring ourselves to center and calmness in the flood of upheaval-type energies. It is just a wonderful practice no matter what — in easy times and rough times.

Go for a walk at the beach or on the grass to get grounded. Being grounded offers you the support of the Earth energetically. You will feel calmness, a sense of centeredness that only being grounded gives you. But getting grounded may be hard, if not impossible for some. I never realized how difficult it is for some people to get grounded. I can help with that! I recognize that it is caused by the way their energy system is wired. Certain techniques can be applied to assist with that.

Eat of the Earth. Make a big pot of root vegetable soup. Add nuts and some warm bread, and yummmm! You will feel so grounded and nurtured. When we feel nurtured in our body, it fills us emotionally too.

Wear or carry crystals that are dark colored. Tourmaline is great for grounding and protection. Pyrite, Red Jasper, Bloodstone, and Obsidian are all useful during times like these. Say to your crystals to activate them, “I charge you with grounding me and protecting me energetically at this time.”

These are some of my favorite techniques for navigating upheaval and disquieting energies. Pay special attention to the full moons, eclipses, and holidays. Give yourself the gift of self-care during these times!


Beth is the owner of Goddess I AM Healing & Art Center in Naples, Fl. She is available for appointments by calling 239-228-6949. Long distance and in-person readings are available. Visit