Sirius is a feature length documentary, premiered in 2013, that follows Dr. Steven Greer – an emergency room doctor turned UFO researcher – as he struggles to disclose top secret information about extraterrestrial energy and propulsion techniques.



In an interview Dr. Greer explains:

“The first thing to understand is that the secrecy was not sustained to keep people from panicking at the idea of life in outer space. The reasons for the secrecy have more to do with keeping the multitrillion-dollar oil-gas-coal internal-combustion-engine and transportation systems in their status quo and in the current geopolitical state. This is the real reason for the secrecy—not only around UFOs but also around the breakthroughs since the 1940s and 1950s in new energy technologies involving electro-gravitic and antigravity propulsion systems.”

“As it stands, there is some seventy percent of the public that already accepts that there is intelligent life out there. And more than fifty percent believe that the government is keeping secrets about UFOs and is hiding something. So, again, sustaining the secrecy has nothing to do with protecting the people from panic.”

“We’re dealing with technologies that interface with mind and thought, so there is an interdimensional component regarding extraterrestrial contact that considers the spiritual levels of consciousness. On the other hand, there are also significant and rather serious three-dimensional energy propulsion technologies that can serve humanity right now that are being suppressed.”

“These are all technologies that would enable humanity to be freed from its addiction to oil. However, freeing ourselves from an oil-based economy would drastically change the geopolitical structure. It also would change the central financial system that exists in the world today and de-centralize it almost to a village level.”

“Whether or not a person ever sees a UFO is quite immaterial. The real action is on the level of consciousness, and that, of course, is a universal field of resonance that affects the outcome in ways that we can never begin to imagine. We’re in a new millennium, and it’s critical to view this matter in a much more enlightened way. The Disclosure Project, the CSETI training program, and now The Orion Project are ways to achieve this.”

“…I’m convinced that we’re in a time whose hallmark is universal peace. And those of us who are working together to create this all over the world—whether or not they are connected to my group—understand when I say that this is a purpose that transcends one’s selfish interests.”

“To help establish a stable humanity on earth that can co-exist peacefully with civilizations from space is the greatest challenge of the time in which we live. And whatever God-given gifts each of us has should be brought forward to achieve that end. That’s why I’ve given up my medical practice for now to do this work. Aside from that, when you asked about the rewards, I must say just how incredibly fascinating all these experiences have been. To be out on a remote desert landscape with our team and have the experience of contact with an advanced civilization hovering above us in a spacecraft! It has been astounding and wonderful.”


[Excerpts from “To Take Our Place Among the Stars” by Paula Peterson] Published in 2003 on

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