Find a quiet, comfortable place in your home that you can devote to your meditation practice. It can be a room or just a corner of a room, or a spot in your back yard. Find the space you can associate with getting still. Select a time when you will be uninterrupted. Traditionally, early in the morning is recommended, but find the time that works for you. Sit on the ground using a meditation pillow, or if necessary, use a straight back chair. Sit with your spine erect. Quiet your mind. Dismiss the thoughts as they enter your mind, one by one, until your mind is a clear slate. It might help to picture a single object (e.g. a lotus flower) to focus on. Humming (OHM) or paying attention to your breathing can also help. Now you can start your meditation.



Gratitude is a high vibrational place to exist in. In this meditation practice, begin to focus on all the things you are grateful for. Feel a surge of gratitude swelling as you give thanks to the blessings that exist in your life, such as your home, access to food, clothes, the planet, all the beautiful places you have been to, all the experiences you have has, the amazing people that exist in your life, and most importantly, to the miracle of YOU! What you give gratitude towards, you attract more of into your life.



Choose a quality that you would like to strengthen within you. It could be forgiveness, compassion, patience, creativity, health, or love, etc. Find something that resonates with you. Once you have chosen the quality you wish to strengthen, plug it into the sentence, “I am filled with _______, I am _______.” Now, internally recite the affirmation over and over, keeping your mind focused. Repeat this meditation often – as often and as long as you need, until you feel that you have become that quality.



Summon within your heart somebody or someplace that you know is struggling. You may focus your dedication on a person who is battling a life-threatening disease or a loss of a loved one, a region of the planet that is going through a war, a place that has recently experienced a natural catastrophe, or Mother Earth herself . Visualize the person(s) or place you have chosen being showered and bathed with loving, healing light. Send them love; pray for them. Believe with all your heart that the subject of your choice will benefit from your thoughts and prayers. This is a form of Karma Yoga, the yoga of selfless action.

At the end of the meditation, take some time to sit in complete stillness and silence. Slowly open your eyes, bringing serenity with you as you transition from the internal back to the external world.