by Beth Brown-Rinella


It is with much amazement that we are all witnessing humanity coming apart in order to put itself back together again. As the Ascension Process deepens, we are all thrown into the turbulent waters of releasing and cleansing those old beliefs, understandings, knowing, conditioning, fears, and memories. It seems it is no longer acceptable to cling to fear-based energies. Moving from Third Dimension into the Fifth is hard work, but we all live on this planet and so we must do the work collectively.

This transition is now bringing a deeper knowledge of what we want to the surface, but we have no map of how to get there intact. I would suggest that we use this time to walk diligently in Compassion.

With so many lives falling apart because of divorce, job loss, or illness, we need compassion more than ever! Even if the difficulties we are personally experiencing aren’t so obvious (like a death of a loved one), there will be shifts needing to take place. We are all in the same boat energetically; and we have great opportunities to offer and receive help.

Life has become really tough for a lot of people. If you don’t already have treatments with a healer on a regular basis, now is a perfect time to find one. What a healer can do for you is to speed up the process of letting go; getting rid of big pieces; and opening the channels so you can drain out all of the stuff you are no longer needing. Because we are Body-Mind-Spirit beings, we need to heal all aspects of ourselves. Seek healers who work at the Soul level; find body workers who help move out stagnant energies stored in the physical; and the emotions can be worked out with the right practitioner also.

When you are getting healing work done, the relief can surprise you because you might not have realized you had so much to let go! Keep going — because you never know how many layers you hold. Your healing work will benefit not only you, but also those around you. They will feel the shifts, too. It can spur them into moving in a positive direction as well. Have you ever noticed that when one friend begins exercising or losing weight, that others jump on that bandwagon, too? The same also goes here.

Have Compassion for yourself and others while these enormous shifts are happening. Seek companionship and community as we support each other through this time and get help moving that energetic baggage from your Body, Mind, and Spirit.

One last note, I am a Psychic who offers readings, but twice this week I told clients that they need to stop booking Psychic appointments and begin to make Healing appointments. That nagging feeling, that sense of discomfort that often sends you to a Psychic to find out why you are feeling this way, will be better dealt with by going to a Healer. Consider this when making your next appointment.


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