by Beth Brown-Rinella

As a healer, I often meet people and think, “Wow, they could use healing!” Now I don’t mean this in a judgmental, critical way — no, I truly see that their lives could feel easier to them if they weren’t hampered by the heavy energies they are dragging around.

When I speak of people carrying heavy energies, it is because I feel they are laden by certain energies that they may have acquired in past lives. I believe we all come into this life with energetic ‘junk’ from other lifetimes. More specifically, I reckon we have karmic issues, that are part of our work or schooling, that we first have to understand and then eradicate in order to accomplish our greater purpose on earth.

In addition, we often carry energies that are here to help and protect us, but they can sometimes create difficulties that we might not understand. For example, if you are deathly afraid of going into the ocean, and would love to scuba dive, but the fear is too great, the chances are you probably died in a past life by drowning in the ocean. Each of your cells holds a memory of every moment of each life — so that drowning is being remembered as a cause of death, now a phobia, and therefore, keeping you from drowning in this life.

We all have energetic baggage we acquired in previous lives. As we are doing our spiritual practices, meditation, reading, yoga, exercise, chanting, and singing, we may be able to clear and set some of these energies away from us. We can do a lot of good work healing ourselves, but there are certain energies that may elude even the most vigilant spiritual warrior’s efforts to become whole. That’s when the assistance of an experienced healer could become essential.

As a healer, I have found that most of these energies can be removed through a series of healing sessions. I suggest a series, because there is only so much that can be accomplished in one session and have the client feeling good, not overwhelmed. Some layers of energies run deep. Healing is similar to peeling away the onion-like layers of energies that distort, shift, block, darken, damage, or distract you from your path. This is often why healers utilize several healing techniques and modalities to reach each of these layers. One method may clear the path, another may bring balance, and yet another may bring in missing pieces.

Clients often misunderstand the process of healing. They think that getting a healing session is a cure-all solution for everything that is not working for them, physically or emotionally.

Understand that you weren’t built in a day, and neither will you be healed in one session. If you accept it as true that you have been in many lifetimes and it took many of them to get you to this place, in this time, with energies carried from all of these past lives influencing your present moment, it stands to reason that it will take more than one healing session and new understandings to bring about significant changes.

The goal is to find an experienced healer who can recognize and help navigate the complexity of your current state and circumstances. Trust and follow the directions of your healer. For example, if he or she suggests that you should work on separating yourself from a situation or a person who keeps activating the “I’m not worthy” belief in yourself, then pay attention, because there is a reason for it. You might be dealing with a karmic issue that you may not be aware of.

Listen to what is going on energetically with you and make a plan with your healer that works for you. Set a goal for yourself to be on a healing path and include healthy activities to further your progress. Do not believe that you have to surrender your healing solely to another. This is YOUR life! Be empowered by the choices you make to be balanced, have clarity, and bring healing into your body, mind, and soul.


Beth is the owner of Goddess I AM Healing & Art Center in Naples, Fl. She is available for appointments by calling 239-228-6949. Long distance and in-person readings are available. Visit www.GoddessIAM.com